Bawdy History

Bawdy Hare was co-founded by Dave Boire and Dan Dochylo in the mid-80’s. Dave sang and played bass. Dan played guitar and wah wah. Other band members included Dean Ponce (keys and vocals), Karl Warme (drums), and  Christopher Plock (sax). Gregor Baresford took over the drumming duties from Karl early on.

We played cover versions of classic rock legends: The Who, Hendrix, Stones, Kinks, King Crimson, The Doors, Talking Heads. Original material was contributed by Dean and Dan.

“Technical support” over the years from Mark Meyer, Dan’s cousin and others. I think i still have that lighting board somewhere.

The original band name was to be “High Voltage On Air” but Dave’s big brother stole the name for his 5 peice. They were George Boire, Vincent Dong, John Huckle, and a few other guys i can’t remember the names of. Their most memorable cover song for me was: Let The Good Times Roll by the Cars.

Dan and Dave have reformed recently as the Mad Immortals. The new ensemble is taking shape featuring a female vocalist.

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